Marry Your Baby Daddy Day®

First Comes Baby...

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day® is an all-expenses paid wedding for unmarried parents with cakes, rings, gowns, and all the works by celebrity vendors and major brands. 

When it comes to our event--the children are the real winners.

Our first wedding took place in September 2005 in Brooklyn, NY and followup weddings in NYC a few years later.  Our mission is to stabilize and increase 2-parent homes in urban communities, as well as, decrease the high almost 70% out of wedlock rate.  We work with families and their community to celebrate marriage.  Couples must apply together to be included in our mass weddings. We do not bring couples together.  We simply work with families already in tact who want to celebrate their love in a public way.  Most of our couples are already engaged.

We’ve been featured in major media outlets—NY Daily News (4 times), The New Yorker, Baltimore Sun, CNN,  ABC News 20/20, CBS Early Show, NBC Nightly News, Essence, Glamour, Fox News,  Oprah Radio, and many more.  We’ve garnered over 20 million media impressions nationally and internationally.   

At this time, our team is in the pre-planning phase and working on new ways to make this event the best yet!

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day® is based on the third book of founder, Maryann Reid, called Marry Your Baby Daddy (St Martins Press).